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  • Labour Hire Is Now Amongst The Fastest Growing Markets

    The labour hire market has consolidated itself to become one of the fastest growing markets in Australia. The market growth is driven by the huge labour demand that has come on the back of steady economic growth and availability of the migrant workers. This has benefited both – the employers and workers. The companies are able to recruit labour to meet their demand while workers are able to find suitable jobs easier than ever before. This has become a business cycle allowing the blue collar recruitment agency to expand their footprint. The market has also benefited from the introduction of innovative technologies and business approach, business-friendly regulatory environment and the availability of rightly skilled workers in the market. The Australian companies are benefiting from the migrant workforce more than any other country, which is due to the fact that the companies here are offering more conducive work environment and better compensation rate for the workers. The employers are also offering more steady roles to workers. Here is how the labour hire market is serving the interest of workers and employers. 


    • You as a worker can land a job that best fits your skills and experience.
    • You are given more than one options to choose from and have the say to leave out the role that you find less favourable to your terms.
    • You have the power to negotiate terms. Labour hire market evolves around workers welfare, and no obligation or compulsion is imposed on them against their will and agreement.
    • The market is well regulated and it makes sure the implementation of minim wage and other benefits laws.
    • The employers are bound to comply and fulfil the terms of their agreements with workers and compensate them dually against abrupt terminations.
    • The labour hire or staffing agencies represent you as labourers or workers as much as they serve the employers, so there is no question of neglecting of your needs by them. It is illegal to do so.
    • All workers are treated on the equal terms. The chances of discrimination on any basis and exploitation are none. The pay rate is also same for all workers, except for taxes, as in case of migrant workers they initially might have to pay a bit higher tax.


    • You as an employer are able to source rightly skilled workforce to keep your business operational and industry functional all the time.
    • You are made aware of the rules and regulations in relation to workers safety and welfare, especially if it involves hiring of migrant workforce.
    • The entire process of better labour hire is conducted on your behalf. You are supplied readily available workers.
    • The workers are sourced in a way that meets your skill and experience and other requirements effectively. The process is efficient and cost-effective.
    • The employers are able to save on the cost by avoiding to establish full-fledged HR or recruitment departments. It also saves them from detailed documentation, interviews and record keeping.
    • The labour hire companies also take care of meeting labour laws and regulatory requirements that is sometimes a cumbersome task.